About Us

Today we are an independent, nationwide provider and the UK’s only Doctor Led rehabilitation provider in multi-track rehabilitation. We are innovative in our approach; offering a variety of services to benefit patients, solicitors and insurers.

Our goals and beliefs:

  • Great rehabilitation that’s delivered quickly, is imperative to making a difference to patients’ recovery of thousands of cases.
  • A dedication to operating clinical excellence, through the sourcing and instruction of suitably qualified and experienced clinicians to deliver rehabilitation. These clinicians remain under the management of our Case managers, all of whom are employed by Medicess; promoting our loyalty.
  • Offering high quality experience to all our clients.
  • Remaining objective and cost-effective.
  • Regulated clinicians under the GMC, NMC and HCPC ensuring we are duty bound to act with professionalism, ethical integrity and within our individual scopes of practice.
  • Collaboration with all our clinicians; together we are better.
  • Adherence to the Rehabilitation Code 2015.