Flexible Funding

We offer a range of flexible funding options to make handling cases easier. We offer funding options to ensure an Immediate Needs Assessment can be undertaken, even ahead of a liability decision.

Not sure if you have a case that needs rehabilitation? We now offer a FREE Case Screening on any complex injury and/or multi-track injury – with no obligation. We only recommend rehabilitation if it is necessary for the patient. 

Refer now for your FREE Case Screening.

The benefits

  • Rapid (INA) Immediate Needs Assessment.
  • Earlier access to rehabilitation.
  • Faster patient recovery.
  • An objective INA can expedite a joint instruction.
  • No win no fee; we write off the fees if the case fails.
  • Deferred payments to support interim payments.
  • Allows open communication with all parties.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Allows us to set an agreed budget.

Download our Funding Information Sheet here:
Rehabilitation Funding information