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At Medicess we know the difficulty that sometimes occurs when trying to facilitate the funds for rehabilitation. That’s why we offer a range of flexible funding options to ensure an Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) can be undertaken, even ahead of a liability decision.

We only recommend rehabilitation if it is necessary for the patient.

INA Funding

To accelerate the patients recovery we offer a variation of ways to fund an objective and clinical provided INA’s, accelerating the case at hand. Included within this are:

Deferred Payment INAs

  • Open to all liability admitted cases and assess the patients rehabilitation needs without delay.
  • It will improve the patients well-being from the beginning, expediting recovery and moving the case forward. If the case fails we write off the fees.

Fixed-cost Remote INAs

  • With our now permanent remote service, we offer a fixed-price remote INA, which is at a discount of £600 from our face-to-face services.
  • The type of INA needed for the case, will be provided in our FREE Rehabilitation Review.

NEW Rehabilitation Finance Service

Finding funds for rehabilitation can cause the delay in helping the client, which increases the patient’s deterioration. Being patient advocates, we want to eradicate this. Therefore, we have created a revolutionary new funding service, to expedite rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Funding Rehabilitation

Working with a FSA regulated partner, we now offer rehabilitation finance for cases where liability is admitted and there has been a failure to agree joint instruction.

This finance scheme ensures that there are no unnecessary delays to providing patients with the care they need. In addition, the finance will only become payable on settlement and should the case fail then the finance will be written off.


To be eligible for Rehabilitation Finance the case must:

  • Multi-track case where liability has been admitted.
  • Claimant is 18+ years of age, a UK resident and mentally stable.
  • All parties involved are aware that funding option is going ahead.

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Additional services

Not sure if you have a case that needs rehabilitation? We now offer a FREE, no obligation, Rehabilitation Review on all complex injury and/or multi-track injury – with no obligation.
Medicess offers a suite of services to help our clients receive the best rehabilitation possible, including:

  • FREE Clinical training.
  • Doctor-Led- all rehabilitation is reviewed and signed off by a GMC registered registered expediting recovery from the beginning.
  • Remote services- including a fixed price Remote INA of £595.
  • Multidisciplinary Team – all of Medicess’ rehabilitation is completed by our team of clinically trained Case Managers. This guarantees timely, effective clinical outcomes.
  • FREE Rehabilitation Review – every case referred to Medicess, one of of our Case Managers will clinically refer the case.

Refer now and you’ll receive a FREE Rehabilitation Review with no obligations.
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