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All the services that we provide are used to ensure clinical accuracy within all rehabilitation cases. The first-class rehabilitation can be implemented  at any point during the litigation process, ensuring a successful resolution for all involved, whilst adhering to the pragmatic approach needed in the rehabilitation industry.


  • FREE Clinical Rehabilitation Reviews – One of our clinicians will review every case referred to us. This provides a written, clinical overview of the case, including our recommendations and the justifications for rehabilitation, which we then use as a formal foundation if rehabilitation is needed, and you would like to proceed with our service. 
    We only recommend rehabilitation if it’s necessary and the review has no obligation. 

    Do you have any multi-track or complex injury cases that need reviewing? Or simply you don’t know if this case needs rehabilitation, then refer now!

    For a FREE, no obligation Rehabilitation Review Refer now .

  • Flexible funding- Funding options to ensure fast and early rehabilitation – even ahead of a liability decision.
  • Initial Needs Assessment – either face to face of via telephone. An INA assesses a patient’s immediate physical, psychological, environmental and vocational needs, providing a fully costed rehabilitation plan.
  • Case Management – Our rehabilitation plans are implemented and progressed by our in-house clinical management teams, under the guidance of a doctor.
  • Every patient will be allocated a Rehabilitation Case Manager who will have expert clinical qualifications and experience that is relevant to that patient’s rehabilitation needs.
  • Case Managers are geographically matched to where the patient is situated.
  • Quarterly written review shared with all stakeholders until rehabilitation is complete.
  • Constantly medically managed throughout the duration of the case and its’ course of rehabilitation needs.
  • Excellent standard of care and clinical excellence on all cases. As patient advocates we ensure that the rehabilitation provided is necessary and expertly given.

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FREE Rehabilitation Review

Not sure if you have a case that needs rehabilitation?

New for 2020, Medicess now offer a FREE Rehabilitation Review on all complex injury and/or multi-track injury – with no obligation.

The FREE Rehabilitation Review is offered to every case we see. The Rehabilitation Review is completed by one of clinically trained Case Managers and we will go over all the merits of the case. We only recommend rehabilitation if it is necessary for the patient. 

Speculative point of view to begin rehabilitation.

  • Includes how long we expect to be on a case 
  • Includes clinical needs for the INA.
  • Continually used throughout the case
  • Provides clinical needs from the outset to help the case.
  • Can be used on any case. 

We’ve changed this is ho we do things. Every single case gets a FREE review from the beginning. 

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