Why Choose Medicess?

Medicess are passionate about delivering rehabilitation that is effective and makes a difference to all of our clients and patients. We are committed to ensuring clinical and vocational quality in everything we do and are devoted to understanding the needs of both our patients and our clients. We are able to justify our involvement with patients through our impartial clinical expertise.

At Medicess, we take a creative and innovative approach to rehabilitation, for which we have been recognised and acclaimed by the industry. Read below for more about how the unique qualities we possess shape the services we offer.


We are privately owned with no associations or affiliations to any other organisation. Being independent allows us to focus on the best interests of the injured person and deliver impartial services to other parties involved in the litigation process. This independence assists us in maintaining the objective clinical excellence of our service. Many other rehabilitation providers cannot truly provenance their independence, as they are owned by or are subsidiaries of insurance companies and law firms alike.


The rehabilitation of our patients is overseen by a Doctor-led multi-disciplinary team. Our Doctors provide clinical direction, whilst our Case Managers implement treatment plans, and monitor progress against rehabilitation goals. The support provided by our Doctors is invaluable in ensuring effective and appropriate rehabilitation takes place.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

We are pioneering rehabilitation management through the use of multi-disciplinary teams which include Doctors, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Rehabilitation Specialists and Vocational Consultants. We develop patient-centred programmes by drawing on the expertise of these individuals at the appropriate time during recovery.

Objectivity and Effectiveness

Successful rehabilitation has to be cost effective, delivering the best outcomes for the patient and providing value for other interested parties. Our involvement will expedite recovery and, where appropriate, the return to work process. We work with all parties providing clear communication at all stages of the rehabilitation process. Medicess reporting and recommendations are based only on objective clinical fact and robust investigations.

Our services have been designed to provide objective programmes that enable patients to achieve optimal recovery and quality of life post accident. Helping our patients to regain their independence and achieve a sense of normality in their lives is the ultimate goal of effective rehabilitation.

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