Medical Management

Working within our Multidisciplinary Team; advising and consulting on all aspects of physical and medical rehabilitation.

Dr Gary Strydom Occupational Physician & Clinical Case Director

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Expertise Occupational Physician and GP.

About me “I’ve been a responsible Occupational Physician and Clinical Director to the team of clinicians at Medicess since we were established in 2004. I worked as a General Practitioner in South Africa from 1995-2004. During this time I created Occupational Health appointments included open cast mining, deep level mining, heavy industry (cement manufacturing), food manufacturing, and agriculture- it was a great experience and achievement of mine!”

Beth Bartlett Rehabilitation Operations Manager/ Case Manager

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Injury Expertise Brain, spinal cord and complex injuries and amputation.

About me “I’ve worked as a Rehabilitation Case Manager within Medicess’ Multidisciplinary Team since 2013, becoming Rehabilitation Operations Manager in 2018. My main passion outside of work is dogs; in my spare time (of which I don’t seem to have much!) I enjoy running (with my dog Babs), looking after my five dogs and running a dog rescue.  A bit of a dog theme going on!”

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