Our patients 6- psychological RTA

rta lorry 1 1

Accident: RTA with a lorry.

Injury sustained:

  • Non displaced rib fractures.
  • Non displaced sternum fracture. 
  • Fractured clavicle.
  • Axial bleed.
  • Right arm glass injuries.
  • Subsequent psychological symptoms and right upper limb chronic pain.

Injury date: June 2019

Medicess Involvement:

  • Completion of INA (Initial Needs Assessment) home visit, subsequent re-visit. Complex injuries identified.
  • CM obtained all clinical letters to follow NHS treatment path and a taxi account set up to allow independence of travel to improve self-worth for the patient. Taxi also eligible for patients mum (who the patient was the carer for)improve patients psychological well-being providing freedom and relaxation. 
  • Medicess arranged for assistance with cleaning and ironing. CM source and supplied aids and equipment to aid independence. 
  • Psychological treatment arranged. Medicess CM noticed a decline in psychological well-being months after completion of treatment provided. Further psychological treatment provided. 
  • Significant telephone support from the CM was provided throughout the life of the case.

Our Case Manager says:

 “It was a  pleasure working with the patient throughout this complex case. We had a very good rapport.

She was previously extremely independent prior to her accident and therefore losing her independence was very difficult. I focused on the  positives rather than the negatives therefore she had good faith in my recommendations.” 

Our patient says:

“I believe I was assigned the best CM in the world. Her empathy, professionalism, recommendations, understanding, communication, caring nature and remarkable insight into my trauma has had a positive impact on how I deal with every day challenges.

“From day one the CM managed to create a rapport that put me at ease, and I felt she could help me feel stronger to cope with my life.” 

I also wish to mentioned the rest of the team I had dealings within in account and colleagues working with my CM; it was all appreciated. Thank you to everyone at Medicess!”

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