Patient Assessments

We establish the rehabilitation needs of patients by completing either a physical examination or by conducting a telephone triage. The choice of approach is governed by the nature and severity of the patient’s injuries. Upon completion of the assessment, a rehabilitation plan is formulated. In addition to the examination report, we also obtain and review the patient’s medical notes in every case.

All rehabilitation plans provide clinical insight into the diagnosis, prognosis and description of the overall condition of the patient and their injury. Our doctor will also outline a proposed treatment plan and ensure that the make-up of the clinical management team suits the needs of the patient. Where we believe that immediate treatment is needed, we always seek the agreement and support of the patient’s treating clinicians and GP. We will only make recommendations for rehabilitation where we feel our intervention will directly accelerate the patient’s recovery and return to work.

All rehabilitation plans contain estimated costs for clinical intervention and our estimated quarterly management fee. This ensures our fund-holders are fully aware of their financial commitment before authorising further activity. We do not progress treatment without the authorisation of our client or the patient.

Initial Needs Assessments

Initial Needs Assessments (INA) will be carried out at a time convenient for the patient, in a comfortable environment, usually within their home. Our Doctors provide a clinical brief for the examination, which is conducted by an appropriately qualified Rehabilitation Case Manager. All INAs are reviewed by our doctors in order to develop a goal focused rehabilitation plan aimed at accelerating the patient’s recovery and return to education/employment. The INA will gather objective clinical data, using outcome measures and objective markers, so that the benefit of any intervention we implement can be clearly measured.

Telephone Triages

The purpose of the Telephone Triage Assessment is to gather clinical and vocational information from the patient in order to produce an appropriate rehabilitation program. The Telephone Triage is conducted by an appropriately qualified Rehabilitation Case Manager and all rehabilitation plans are reviewed and approved by our in-house doctors.