Clinical Case Management

Our rehabilitation plans are implemented and progressed by our in-house clinical management teams, under the guidance of a doctor. Every patient will be allocated a Rehabilitation Case Manager who will have clinical qualifications and experience that is relevant to that patient’s rehabilitation needs. The Rehabilitation Case Manager will be supported in progressing the case by other members of the in-house Multi-Disciplinary Team in order to ensure a high standard of care and clinical excellence on every case.

Clinical case management includes:

  • Planning, implementing and co-ordinating evidence based treatment programmes
  • Co-ordinating NHS and private sector treatment
  • Regular communication to keep relevant interested parties updated, including provision of regular formal progress reports
  • Setting, monitoring and reviewing progress against “SMART” goals
  • Signposting to appropriate statutory services and/or support organisations where required
  • Working with employers and/or vocational experts to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work at the earliest possible stage in recovery
  • Ensuring cost effective rehabilitation provision