Vocational Case Management

The decision to start vocational rehabilitation is made jointly by both our medical team and employment experts. It is often timed to run in parallel with the patient’s clinical recovery. Timing is absolutely crucial. Too early a return can exacerbate the injury, while too late a return can mean unnecessary rehabilitation costs and lost wages. Achieving this objective takes a specialist set of skills.

We have trained vocational rehabilitation specialists to assist our patients to return to the workplace. The process usually involves a worksite assessment and meeting with the patient and the employer to discuss the injury and its practical management in the workplace. From this meeting, an agreed reintroduction programme is developed, implemented and monitored by our in-house team.

Where there is no prospect of the patient returning to work with their pre-accident employers, our employment experts can assist the patient with all aspects of obtaining work with a new employer. Our services range from identifying suitable roles for the patient, taking into consideration their occupational skills and history, and any adaptations that they may need to make following their injury. We can provide advice about retraining and aiding patients with the interview process.